Company History

Offering a combined experience of more than 100 years in the electrical industry

Who We Are

It was in the heart of Founder, Al LaSalle, at the early age of 18 that he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and become an electrician. In 1957, Al worked for his father Alvin T LaSalle and became a Journeyman Electrician in 1959. Upon his father's retirement in 1968, Al fulfilled his dream and started his own Company, LaSalle Electric. Al's dedication to his family and work helped grow the company through the years. In 1973, LaSalle Electric incorporated and became A.M. LaSalle Electric, Inc.. A.M. LaSalle continued to grow its residential business and earned a stellar reputation by completing several large commercial and industrial projects. With Al's experience and vision, he saw a need to provide Lighting Maintenance for his clients and commercial centers across Southern California. In 1986 LaSalle Lighting Services was born. Al's father-in-law Tony, who had just retired from sales and relocated to the Coachella Valley, assisted with the company's diversification. Tony's salesmanship and loyalty helped form many of the relationships that LaSalle still has today. With Al and Tony working together, LaSalle went from one Boom Truck, to a fleet of Boom Trucks and maintenance vehicles. Additionally, Tony assisted the company with the opening of the Escondido office, and his legacy will live on forever.

As we continue to strive to keep up with today's technologies, we researched the growing Solar Industry. What we found was an influx of companies that were "here today and gone tomorrow". With our longevity in the industry, and the fantastic reputation that we earned, Solar was a natural next step for the company. So in 2009, LaSalle Solar Systems was established. With this new division, we are providing our clients with new technology that will not only save them money on their energy bills, but provide a sense of responsibility of taking care of what God has created. Al LaSalle retired and turned over the reins to his son Gary. Gary LaSalle has worked for his father full time since 1987 and prior to that during the summers throughout high school. Gary oversees all operations of the LaSalle Family of Companies. Firmly planted as a family business, LaSalle's Escondido office is managed by Gary's sister, Tami Berrigan. Gary's wife Laurie has taken on the responsibilities of Secretary and Treasurer of the Corporation. She takes over from Gary's mom Judy upon her retirement in 2013. Pat Nelson, who is like family and has been with LaSalle since 1976, manages all field operations. Jonathan Ramirez joined the family right out of high school and has since taken on several leadership responsibilities. So rest assured, when you are dealing with LaSalle you are dealing with a family business, a family that takes pride in its name, and is committed to hard work and ethics.

Left to right: Gary LaSalle, Al LaSalle